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Trip Planner Day One: Departure to Antalya Heading to Ataturk Airport in order to get to Antalya and then to the airport and head to the hotel to receive the rooms and then head to the most famous places in Antalya, the most beautiful natural, the waterfalls of Doudan or the waterfalls of Antalya, which will take you to another world of beauty and psychological comfort And then heading to the old city in Antalya filled with archaeological sites and the most famous tourist places are located, then to the port of Antalya tourist and a beautiful trip by the ship on the coast of Antalya, then heading to Mall Migros 5 and is one of the largest shopping centers and there is a theme park on the side . The second day: (Antalya) Breakfast in the hotel and then heading to the valley of Guinec where it is a wonderful wonders of Kemer, will be a wonderful experience and unique in the valley, and then start to the Olympius cable car, located within the range of the mountains of Tahtali and includes many activities, National park, cable car ride, many other trips, then visit the ancient city of Vassilis, where we date back to 700 BC. The third day: (Antalya) The experience of discovering the Kuborlo natural valley through kayaking in the Kuborlo River, which will be enjoyed by all who experience it. The journey starts along 15 km of the water with a rubber boat accompanied by an experienced tour guide. All the equipment and information required for the trip will be provided. During the trip you will have a stop for a nice country lunch and then start again and on the way back you can also stop for a drink or coffee. Day 4: Return to Istanbul Take breakfast, check out, go to the airport and return to Istanbul.


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