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Trip Planner The hotel will move from the hotel in the early morning. The road to Sabanja and Mahashiya will take about 2 hours and a half. The total number of tourists on this trip will be 28 people at most, and the beginning of our daily tour of the Zoological Zoo, Istanbul (in the winter, the zoo is replaced by a visit to Mount Kartibe). Which includes about 200 different species of animals and 250 different species of plants. It also has a fish pond and a children’s pet park. It is a large botanical garden and one of the largest zoos in Turkey. We will have our lunch in the forest under a canopy of trees next to the waterfalls in Mashushiya, which is considered one of the most beautiful and green areas. The trees will be above you and the water tables will be beside you. Try to find a place to put your feet in the table water. If you have free time, you can spend time outdoors, have tea in cafes on the banks of the water tables, or you can play some of the games in the area of ​​waterfalls, Riding Safa Vehicles Mountain rides at an additional cost to the operators of these games. We will also visit the picturesque lake of Sabanja, one of the largest and most important natural lakes in Turkey. Its waters are formed from the pool of springs that descends from Mount Kartibe, which means snow mountain, where water is formed by melting snow to form waterfalls and the same streams fill a lake Sabanga. If you have plenty of time, we will stop at Kartabi and you will have the option of a boat ride that you can pay extra. Lake Sabanga will have small boats that can be rented for a relatively small amount for a tour of the lake, A jeep or a bicycle can be rented to travel around the area. Note: We consider the tour of Sabanja and Mishaqiya from full day trips relatively long as the distance from Istanbul to Mashkuqiya and Sabanga takes about 2 to 3 hours, so it is preferable to take the traveler on this trip enough rest a day before and to sleep early because The return time may be late arriving at around 11 pm -12 pm


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