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Trip Planner Your trip team will accompany you to visit the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul for an 8-hour journey through several landmarks where the journey will proceed as follows: • We will start visiting the Egyptian market, one of the famous popular markets in the city of Istanbul, which is located at the European side in Amineo in El Fateh The estimated time of this teacher is approximately two hours • We will tour the Bosphorus Strait linking the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea and separate the Asian continents from the European Estimated time for this tour is approximately two hours • We will then go to lunch at one of Istanbul’s famous restaurants for about an hour After lunch, we will head to the Dolma Palace, one of Istanbul’s most famous landmarks, built by Sultan Abdul Majid in the middle of the 19th century, overlooking the Bosphorus Estimated time to visit this teacher is approx • After that we will have free time for one hour and you can walk around Sultanahmet Square or Horses Square • At the end of our trip we will go to visit Sultanahmet Mosque, which is the most beautiful and famous mosque in Istanbul The estimated time of this teacher is approx

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