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Borsa Overview: As it is famous for its mountains and charming Taladtha, Bursa City, the fourth largest Turkish city, filled with beautiful scenes of nature, will make the trip to all the Matahedv pleasures of Borshchba in addition to the nature of the historic city. You can discover the real beauty of the colors of Turkey, the country’s famous attractions you can explore Turkish desserts directly in front of your eyes! The most important stations: Visit the famous silk factory of the city famous for its architectural beauty. Climb the summit of Mount Ölüdağ with the cable car and enjoy the beauty of the city. Lunch at the top of the mountain while enjoying the spectacular view of the city from the summit of my day. Visit the historical mountain tree of the mountain with its unique and unique beauty. Turkish Freshwater Plant and Honey Factory Tour. What do you get from a bourse visit in one day? Your journey to Bursa will start at the beginning of the day. From this date onwards we will find it from 8:00 am to start our journey from the Istanbul Stock Exchange and will continue all day long, making an incredible and exciting journey to our minds without ever turning around and having many fun memories and wonderful themes. We will tell you as Ipek Pazarı, an attractive place full of various exhibits that will take you from one of the most beautiful markets in the world to all over the world. Bursa is one of Turkey’s most famous cities. It combines nature, history and civilization into an attractive tourist destination. And because of the economic importance of the country has a high status. The journey of Bursa will cover all the important places of the city in order to ensure that the city has the greatest experience of the city and travels with the most famous attractions. Ipek market: The silk market in Bursa is known for its splendid product and architectural splendor. It is situated within a rectangular border, built in beautiful artistic style. The journey of Bursa, this cultural heritage will allow you to explore an architectural beauty model from the Ottoman Empire. You will be surprised by the beauty of the silk market which will exceed your expectations and if I did not think I’d be too tired to go and visit to Turkey. Therefore, the journey of Bursa spent enough time on the bazaar to discover the nature of its historical walls. Despite the modernization of the city of Bursa, Turkish natural history has remained in the silk market over the years, making it a destination for tourists from all over the world. Oludağ Mountain: Now there is nature, not snow, Uludag Mountain, famous for its special sports such as ice skating. It is a magnet not only for the Turkish people but also for international tourists from all over the world. The mountain, at an altitude of 2543 meters, is a popular attraction for people who like to trekking and camping in the mountains. Uludağ Mountain also has a national park known for its green areas and beautiful flowers. This is not only a choice for tourists at a certain time, but also a magnet for local and international tourists throughout the year. You can also hire ATV ATV vehicles to go around the mountain. During a trip from Istanbul, you will take you to the longest cableway in the world and take you to the summit of Uludag and climb to the summit, enjoying the magnificent view of the mountains and trees. A look at the Turkish sugar factories: Bursa’s visit allows you to visit Turkish delicacies and honey factory within a day. One of the most interesting places, exchanging one of Turkey’s most important food production centers. You will be able to see the process of producing Turkish desserts directly in front of you and taste the original taste of freshly made desserts. Turkey is one of the country’s most prominent flavor and taste of Turkish delicacies that will offer you the talk of the world. Bursa, one of Turkey’s largest city and is located in the Anatolian region. The city has a great proposition in the history of the Ottoman Empire and since then has preserved its cultural heritage, which is clear. A tour from Istanbul will take you to explore the soul of the city, which will take you to historical sites and the wonders of nature. Bursa’s mission, while Turkey never miss the opportunity to explore this amazing city. Bursa tour ends at 22:00 one day and your memories add an unforgettable day.

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