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Trip Planner First day: After arriving at Trabzon airport, you will find our representative waiting for you to arrive and take you to the hotel by private car to receive the rooms and then take a rest and you can take a tour around the hotel. Day 2: After breakfast at the hotel and at 9 am the driver is waiting for you at the door of the hotel to start your tour to the monastery of Sumila, where it is 1300 meters above sea level, surrounded by the mountains of the monastery and the date of the monastery to 400 AD At the end is heading to the mountains Zekana, where the most beautiful beauty and divine creativity These mountains, which give way to southern Turkey and then you go to the village of Hamsi, which is one of the most important breaks in the mountains of Zikana where they received in this village the beauty of nature and climate and because of the presence of flowers and herbs make the pasture rich and various species and Good will Tzrn Grotto Karaja, where you see inside the cave exhibition of art and creativity of the Lord stalagmites and stalactites stones and stalactites, where you will see creativity in the creation of God, who astonish and dazzle the eyes. The third day: After breakfast at the hotel and at 9 am go to the Museum of Sophia and dates back to the thirteenth century, which was built in the era of the Byzantine Empire and contains walls of antique value and in the museum garden you see the stones and monuments, Ataturk Palace dates back to the 19th century and has a property in terms of architecture built during the reign of the founder of the Turkish state Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the garden of this palace will astonish you of its beauty and there is a shopping center in front of the palace where there is guidance and hand-made and silver and other special gifts, The lake is a small lake in a beautiful mountainous place where you can see the beautiful natural mountains and the colors of its birds. You also see the beautiful rural life and houses, and then you go to the boulevard, which is a high plateau in Trabzon. You will see all the city of Trabzon from the top as if in the imagination and take souvenir pictures. Day 4: After the delivery of the rooms at the Trabzon Hotel, go to the city of Ouznjul. Upon arrival, the hotel rooms are received and then you take a rest and then take a tour around the hotel and around the lake. Day 5: After breakfast at the hotel and at ten o’clock in the morning is heading to the Sultan Murad or the so-called summit of Sauganli, where the height of 3000 meters from the sea surface and when you are going to the waterfalls wonderful water and the screeching of the birds. Day 6: After breakfast at the hotel, go to Reza where it is considered one of the first cities in the manufacture of tea in Turkey, where you can see tea plantations on the slopes of the mountains and you see Botanic Park and when you are finished heading to the heights of Eder located in the foothills of the mountains of Kashkar, You can see the clouds on the tops of the mountains and you will see the wooden houses and see the waterfalls that flow from the top of the peaks and is also known for its sanitary baths. This area is also famous for its delicious local dishes. On the way back you can take a boat ride on the lake. Day 7: the day of travel and return to the homeland and in your memory the most beautiful memories where the driver will be waiting for you to take you to Trabzon airport accompanied by safety to return to the homeland beloved. Rate includes breakfast at the Trabzon Hotel. The rate does not include breakfast at the Ozengol Hotel. The price does not include fuel in Trabzon and Uzingul. The price does not include international airfares or domestic air tickets. The price does not include lunch and dinner. Price does not include parking and entrance fees for tourist areas estimated with something simple.

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