Harry Potter glider and ottoman set for nursery Gender Reveal Ideas

Guests can scoop out this treat in little cups or mini bowls and snack away. For a quick way to dress up tables, paint animal footprints on craft paper for easy and impressive tablecloths. Check out these cute and cool Cactus Baby Shower Invitations from abeautifulmess.com—the look intricate, but are simple to make with your Cricut. Moms love gifts that are useful and sunnydayfamily.com shows you how to make a Cute & Practical DIY Baby Gift.

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  • Using a sharp knife to cut a small square from two cookie cutouts.
  • This prize was for a baby boy shower, so they tried to stick with blue colored items.
  • This gender-neutral baby shower idea is just bee-autiful and pretty simple to recreate.
  • Real Housemoms has designed a unique baby shower bingo game that includes vintage hot air balloons and can be used for either gender.
  • While everyone is ooh’ing and aah’ing over adorable baby clothes and cute shower games, keep the menu light, festive, and finger-food-friendly.

After the shower, donate at least a few ducks to the mom-to-be for all those baths to come. During the shower, ask the mom-to-be to quickly walk around the room and show everyone the basket/tray. Put the supplies out on the table, and have some old newspaper handy to put under the paintings to make cleaning up easier. Have all your guests create art for the baby’s nursery. Encourage imaginations to run wild — they can produce drawings, inspirational quotes, or anything that they think would be great for the nursery.

Tunde’s Creations Baby Dress Cookie Cutter

We’ve had a similar discussion on here before, and I’m kind of surprised that more than one person thought it would be a fun idea. B – it’s really only a surprise once, so I’m not sure why you need multiple ideas on how to surprise people. I’d be kind of excited to find out if you were my friend.

Star-shaped fruit plate -When cut, kiwis have a natural star shape and are the perfect start of your fruit platter. Fill in the rest of the plate with various melons cut into star shapes. You can use a star cutter set to cut watermelon and other fruits into star shapes. Starry sky invitation – Customize this invitation with song wording from Zazzle. The background is dark blue and features white text and gold stars.

Get a few glasses, and fill them with small goodies glider and ottoman set for nursery like alcohol shot bottles, gum, etc. This prize was for a baby boy shower, so they tried to stick with blue colored items. It’s easy to set up and it matches the popular “from our shower to yours” gift tag. If you are able to get tumblers that match the colors of your baby shower, this is probably the easiest game prize you can have. Tumblers are a great gift because most people will use them long after the baby shower is over.

Great Gatsby Gala! A 20s Themed Birthday Celebration

Welcome a little one into the world with a personalized baby shower gift. Create something special that will warm their hearts and be put to good use. With our guide on how to choose the best baby shower gifts, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind present they’ll cherish forever. However mom-to-be has made her big announcement, one thing that’s certain is that her inner-circle are over the moon to hear the news and eager to start planning a baby shower. Start by exploring baby shower invitations and baby shower gifts here. Good news travels fast and after mom-to-be announces her pregnancy, you and the rest of her inner-circle will be eager to start the planning!

Pretty My Party has these free baby shower bingo cards that already have the squares filled in for you. There are 20 here making it easy to use for even a fairly large group. They are designed in a beautiful floral pattern that will add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any baby shower. Let’s not forget that Dad may be at the gender reveal party too!

When getting your invitations printed, you can leave slots open to hand-write. This is a good strategy if you’re unsure of the date, time, location, or other details. If you’re a DIY queen, you could also create your own invitations. However, you’ll need to use a free or paid design program to do so. Guests should receive the invitations six weeks before the event date.

Its A Polka Dots Gender Reveal Cake

Create a simple one-tiered cake, making it look like a bed, with a fondant blanket covering it. Place the figure of a small baby on top of this bed, which is also made out of fondant or marzipan. Since your baby is going to be a boy, use tones of blue for the blanket and the baby’s clothes. The doctor’s office contacted Sam and asked her if she’d like to know whether the baby was a boy or a girl, and they decided they’d like to be surprised. However, they did decide to find out about the additional embryos that would be frozen for future pregnancies. All of the embryos turned out to be boys, and Sam grew anxious to find out if she would be carrying another boy for what she called “her baseball team”, or a sweet baby girl.

Ask everyone to write down all of the items they saw in the basket. See who has the best memory and can recall the most items. Arrange the pictures of the mum-to-be on a board or a table, and place a number next to each picture. Ask the guests to write the numbers in the order of age, and see who gets the most correct.